Driver name -                  Alex Lindsay

Driver home town -         Hamilton

Co-Driver name -            Fergus Loudon (former)

Co-driver home town -    Uddingston

Current rally car -            None

First rally car -                 Vauxhall Firenza Coupe

How many years have you been rallying  Competed for a couple of years, taking part in about six real rallies, but a few single venue event at Knockhill and Ingliston.

Best Result - Don't think I ever had a best result, but had much enjoyment in the few rallies I done and even more at the practice days the club used to organise at Knockhill. 

Most embarrassing rally incident -  Sliding wide and whacking a gate post at the James Fleming Stages, which burst the petrol tank off it mountings.  We had to make a temporary tank in the boot to keep us going in the rally.  The flywheel slackened off and eventually retired us from the event.  Fergus was navigating and the car (Ford Escort) was double entered with Ronnie Gray. 

Best excuse for a non finish -First Rally ever.  Craigvinean Forest. Possibly the Valentine Rally, about 28 years ago.  John Keenan and I must have been leading the rally until we crashed on the first stage