Well just how did Coltness Car Club become "THE BEARS"?

It all started back in 1993 when, after the demise of the hill climb at Strathclyde Park, the club had been in the background of premier motorsport until asked to take over the Scottish Rally Championship round which at that time had been based in Galashiels. The local papers ran the story with the headline "The Coltness Bears are back in business!!". Thus the name was created and has either stuck or been adopted depending on your view point.

But why "THE BEARS"?

Could it be that we are all cuddly , lovable and soft? Could be but I don't think so.

Could it be that we are rough and ready and like to play in the woods? Possibly closer!

But I think the real reason is that anyone seeing several of the club members marshall at an event (remember the start at the Strathclyde Park as an example) would think that it was the cartoon characters "The Hair Bear Bunch" running the control! You know who you are!!!

Mind you look at the organising team for the Colin McRae Stages and you can see that this tradition is continuing!