Marshalling. who, why and what? all you need to know about marshaling!

If you are interested in marshaling at this years McRaestages click here

 For those wishing to get involved with motor sport but do not  have the money, time or sometimes the ability to compete what better way to it than marshalling. 

 Marshals are the people with the fluorescent vest that you see at all the events. Each event requires a large number of marshals and they are primarily there to ensure the safety of both spectators and competitors. Without the work of marshals no event would run.

 To get started in marshalling is easy and you do not need any experience just some common sense! Each event has a Chief Marshal who organises where and what each marshal does so they are the people to contact. When you do let them know that you have not marshalled before and that will let them position you with an experienced marshal who will be happy to show you what needs to be done. After you have marshalled at a few events and attended a training day you can apply to the governing body (MSA) and they will send you a licence which you can upgrade with experience.

 As well as mid stage marshals there are others with specific jobs to do such as Arrival, start line, flying finish and stop line. There are also other jobs such as passage control and service areas which are not at the heart of the action but are just as important.

 You can find a list of events and dates that require marshals on the events page and usually a team from Coltness Car Club are going so please have a look and contact us if you are interested. It is also worth remembering that marshalling is not a glamorous job it can involve hard work and in Scotland we cannot control the weather!

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