Coltness Car Club is a club which has members from all walks of life and with differing motorsport interests. There are regular competitors, occasional competitors , many many wannabee competitors , retired competitors, marshals and people who just enjoy a good natter.

Big Jim holds court every second Monday night, shifts permitting, from 2030 onwards till late at the Southfield Hotel in Blackwood Lanarkshire. Club nights still go ahead even if Jim is not there and the rest of us breath a sigh of relief that our reputation has survived for another 2 weeks!

If you want to know what night is a club night or directions to the Southfield drop Jim a note at :- jim@mcraestages.co.uk

There are little pre-requisites to becoming a bear but a sense of humour and a thick skin are essential. Be warned that what ever indiscretion or mistake you make you will be found out and will have the mickey taken out of you for a long long time.

Membership Application Forms can be downloaded from here:

PDF Format

 Acrobat Reader

or further details of membership of Coltness Car Club can be obtained from :

Alex Lindsay, Ferncliffe, 20 Reid Street, Hamilton, ML3 0RQ

Or E mail : alex@mcraestages.co.uk

Current membership fees are :-

  • Single Membership £15.00 per annum (From 1st January each year)
  • Joint Membership £20.00 per annum (from 1st January each year)